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Hong Kong Style Restaurant

Dim Sum
Soups & Noodle Soup
Rice Plate
Noodle Soup
Fried Rice-Chow Mein
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Bus Hour:-Mon : Sat


 Tuesday closed



An Authentic Asian Food Adventure  
Dine In • Takeout       
(206) 325-4380 
Hong Kong Style, Cantonese Style,Catering MenuOrders To Go
  We cook all you need
Dim Sum (see detail)

Bus Hour :-Monday –Saturday .9:00am-8:00pm
Tuesday closed

Offering the Flavors of the Far East  Chinese Dim Sum & Barbecued Pork, Roast duck..

Hong Kong Style

Government Building





Dim  Sum


In Hong Kong people take food very seriously because they like to remain fit and keep their bodies in shape, they drink tea & hot water most of the time in the day to burn their fats. It is a belief that the more hot water & tea you drink the more fats are burned. The traditional Chinese people  eat ' Dim sum' early in the morning as a part of breakfast and than have soup, noodles & rice as their lunch and for dinner also.  While for other Chinese families try to pick-up their snacks from Deli Shop/Restaurants.   And  again their lunch is also ordered from a near by cafe or restaurant and for dinner they take out the food from restaurants or hotel. If not then; they, with their whole family, decide to go out for dinner, but the purpose is that they want to have a nice evening dinner because they feel tired and have been worked hard for the  whole day.

Welcome come to our  Bo Bo Cafe  Restaurant! Our talented, experienced chefs create authentic Chinese dishes using fresh ingredients and traditional Chinese recipes with Hong Kong Style. Exotic sauces and flavors intermingle beautifully on your plate, and the hot, tasty sauce up to meet your nose, creating an exciting taste journey you can experience only in our restaurant.

Serving Some Chinese Dim Sum such as  Pan Fried or Steam Pot Stickers(6), Sticky Rice Package and Sticky Rice Package

The Best in Chinese Cuisine in Your Area
Our food is beautifully presented
in your exotic flavors. Whether you enjoy  w/ Ginger Soy Sauce , and  Mongolian beef, or Coconut-Curry  Chicken  our experienced chefs serve up delicious  meals that you love.  Our menu also features a selection of vegetarian and light dishes to cater to every dietary need.

About Our Chinese Restaurant Golden Daisy  Restaurant, we offer distinctive cuisine in an informal, friendly setting. Conveniently located in Seattle, our restaurant enjoys a reputation for impeccable service, elegant Asian-style décor, and exquisite Chinese food. 

Great Family Dining
As a family-owned-and-operated restaurant, 
Golden Daisy  Restaurant,  takes great pride in creating scrumptious Asian dishes for you and your family.. Whether you come for a quiet dinner for two or gather your entire family for an exciting Chinese food adventure, a memorable experience awaits you at Golden Daisy  Restaurant.

For the best in Chinese food, come to our restaurant!
2518 Beacon Ave South Seattle WA 98144
(206) 325-4380

Bus Hour 
Monday –Saturday .
Sun:9:30am-7:00pm    Tuesday closed

Golden Daisy Restaurant
2518 Beacon Ave.South
Seattle WA 98144
Phone: (206) 325-4380

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